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Dinesh Verma

About Me

With a profound passion for photography and a keen eye for capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary, Dinesh Verma has established himself as a remarkable talent in the world of photography. His journey began several years ago when he embarked on his exploration of the captivating realm of photography, specializing in Macro Photography, landscapes, and Table-top subjects.

Renowned for his expertise in Macro Photography, Dinesh Verma has not only honed his skills but also generously shared his knowledge through workshops held in Chandigarh. These workshops have inspired countless aspiring photographers, empowering them to delve into the fascinating world of Close-up photography.

Recognized for his artistic prowess, Dinesh Verma has showcased his creative vision through a series of captivating Solo Shows. Exhibitions such as "Floral Mystique" at Govt. Museum & Art Gallery, Sector 10, Chandigarh (2008), "Luminous Interval" at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi (2011), "Luminous Interval" at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Sector-16, Chandigarh (2012), and "Soulful Reflections" at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi (2018) have left audiences awe-inspired, captivating their hearts and minds.

Dinesh Verma has not only delighted audiences through solo exhibitions but has also participated in numerous Group shows organized by the esteemed Photographic Society of Chandigarh, as well as various other group exhibitions held in Chandigarh, Chennai, and beyond. His contributions to these exhibitions have not only showcased his versatility but have also enriched the artistic community with his unique perspective.

A testament to his talent, Dinesh Verma was chosen as a vital member of an esteemed 8-member team entrusted with the task of capturing the essence of Telangana for the remarkable Coffee Table book, "Telangana India – A Visual Journey." Published by the Photographic Society of India, in collaboration with the Department of Art & Cultural Affairs, Government of Haryana, this project exemplifies the extraordinary depth and quality of Dinesh Verma's work, as his photographs made significant contributions to the book.

Through Dinesh Verma's lens, ordinary moments become extraordinary, and unseen beauty is unveiled. With each click of the camera, Dinesh Verma captures the essence of life, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey that transcends the ordinary and ignites the imagination.

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